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At Sky World Bokaro, we ensure that selected candidates meet our clients' requirements. We carefully evaluate their skill set, alignment with the job description, and their ability and willingness to excel in the new role. Our focus is on providing valuable labor to our clients' companies, matching candidates who bring the right skills, expertise, and attitude to contribute effectively. We prioritize creating successful employment relationships that benefit both our clients and the candidates we place. With a thorough assessment process, we connect our clients with exceptional talent, enabling their organizations to thrive.


The Trade Test evaluation process is conducted by an engineer specializing in the required trade, along with the assistance of a selection board at the technical training institute. However, in cases where the client or company requests additional interviews and practical tests, the trade test will not be administered at the technical training institute. Instead, it will be conducted at the company's premises under the supervision of the selection board. This arrangement allows the client/company to directly assess the candidates' skills, suitability, and performance in a real-world setting, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process tailored to their specific requirements.


Upon selection, candidates must undergo medical tests at an authorized hospital or clinic to diagnose any illnesses. Only those declared fit by the medical institution will be eligible for foreign employment. Fit candidates will then be offered the opportunity to sign the employment contract. These medical tests are essential to ensure the health and well-being of candidates and comply with the regulations set by the foreign country. Our commitment is to prioritize the safety and suitability of candidates for overseas employment, facilitating a smooth transition into their new roles.


The government of India has outlined specific document requirements for the foreign employment of Indian citizens. These documents need to be certified by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce of India. Upon receiving the original documents, our deployment process takes a maximum of 30 days. The required documents include:

Demand letter


Medical Report

Employment Agreement

Guarantee Letter


In all cases, once the employer or company abroad has endorsed the passports with the necessary visa, they will send the passports to the concerned airlines. This step is taken to confirm the scheduled flight to the nearest airport near the working site abroad. By coordinating with the airlines, the necessary travel arrangements are made to ensure a smooth and timely departure for the candidates. This process ensures that the candidates are properly documented and authorized to travel to their designated work location, facilitating their seamless transition to the foreign country.


After the confirmation of employment, selected candidates undergo an orientation program that aims to reinforce important aspects of the work conditions and provide comprehensive information about the country's and company's rules and regulations. This program serves as a platform for candidates to familiarize themselves with the work environment and the local culture. It motivates and informs them about their responsibilities as employees of the specific company. By conducting this orientation program, we ensure that candidates are well-prepared and equipped to adapt to their new work environment, fostering a smooth transition and setting the foundation for a successful employment experience.



Engineering Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Electronic/Telecommunication
Doctor Specialists/General/Physicians/Surgeons
Chartered/Cost Accountants
Banking Specialists


Constructions Supervisors/Overseers Welders (Gas/Gas)
Foreman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Plant Operators (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Earth Moving / Construction Of Equipment Operator
Electricians (LT & HT)
Mechanists / Turners / Toolmakers
Carpenters / Cabinet Markers
Steel Fixers
Masons / Tile Fixers / Plasterers
Plumbers / Pipe Filters
Mechanics (Air Conditioning / Heavy / Light Equipment)
Draughtsman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Hotel Personnel (Waiters/Cooks/Bakers/Front Office Personnel Etc.)
Computer Operators
Garments / Textile / Jute Workers
Administration Personnel
Drivers (Light / Heavy)
Secunty Personnel (Ex-Army/Policemen)
Male/Female Nurses
Laboratory Technicians / Medical Assistants / Paramedics

Semi Skilled

Carpenters / Shutters
Mason Helpers
Concrete Mixer Operators
Pump Operators / Helpers
Helpers (Electrical/ Mechanical / Erection)
Block Makers / Assistants Cooks
Tailors / Tailor Helpers
Laundry / Washer Man
Shop Assistants


Cleaners / Sweepers
Agriculture Labour / Farmers
Watchmen / Guards
Peons / Office Boys
Airport Loaders
Industrial Laborers