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We are also providing designations under certain sectors like-

Oil and Gas Plant

Our strong ties with companies in the Oil & Gas Plant sector allow us to connect skilled professionals with rewarding positions in this vital industry. Whether it's offshore or onshore projects.

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Maintenance Project

Maintenance Projects are crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning and longevity of infrastructure. Through our network, we connect skilled maintenance personnel with companies involved in infrastructure, machinery, and equipment maintenance.

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Construction Project

Construction Projects form a significant part of our network, connecting talented individuals with opportunities in the construction industry. From civil engineering to project management.

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Petro Chemical

Petrochemical companies play a vital role in the production of essential materials and chemicals. With our network, we connect professionals with opportunities in petrochemical plants.

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Hospitality Field

The Hospitality Field is a thriving sector that demands skilled individuals to deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences. Through our connections, we connect candidates with reputable hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments.

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Steel Plants

Steel Plants are at the forefront of manufacturing steel, a fundamental material in numerous industries. Our network allows us to connect professionals with opportunities in steel plants, whether it be in production.

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